Fiscal year

CountryFiscal year
Afghanistan21 December – 20 December
Albaniacalendar year
Algeriacalendar year
American Samoa1 October – 30 September
Andorracalendar year
Angolacalendar year
Anguilla1 April – 31 March
Antigua and Barbuda1 April – 31 March
Argentinacalendar year
Armeniacalendar year
Arubacalendar year
Australia1 July – 30 June
Austriacalendar year
Azerbaijancalendar year
Bahamas, The1 July – 30 June
Bahraincalendar year
Bangladesh1 July – 30 June
Barbados1 April – 31 March
Belaruscalendar year
Belgiumcalendar year
Belize1 April – 31 March
Benincalendar year
Bermuda1 April – 31 March
Bhutan1 July – 30 June
Boliviacalendar year
Bosnia and Herzegovinacalendar year
Botswana1 April – 31 March
Brazilcalendar year
British Virgin Islands1 April – 31 March
Brunei1 April – 31 March
Bulgariacalendar year
Burkina Fasocalendar year
Burma1 April – 31 March
Burundicalendar year
Cabo Verdecalendar year
Cambodiacalendar year
Cameroon1 July – 30 June
Canada1 April – 31 March
Cayman Islands1 April – 31 March
Central African Republiccalendar year
Chadcalendar year
Chilecalendar year
Chinacalendar year
Christmas Island1 July – 30 June
Cocos (Keeling) Islands1 July – 30 June
Colombiacalendar year
Comoroscalendar year
Congo, Democratic Republic of thecalendar year
Congo, Republic of thecalendar year
Cook Islands1 April – 31 March
Costa Ricacalendar year
Cote d’Ivoirecalendar year
Croatiacalendar year
Cubacalendar year
Cypruscalendar year
Czechiacalendar year
Denmarkcalendar year
Djibouticalendar year
Dominica1 July – 30 June
Dominican Republiccalendar year
Ecuadorcalendar year
Egypt1 July – 30 June
El Salvadorcalendar year
Equatorial Guineacalendar year
Eritreacalendar year
Estoniacalendar year
Eswatini1 April – 31 March
Ethiopia8 July – 7 July
European UnionNA
Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas)1 April – 31 March
Faroe Islandscalendar year
Fijicalendar year
Finlandcalendar year
Francecalendar year
French Polynesiacalendar year
Gaboncalendar year
Gambia, Thecalendar year
Gaza Stripcalendar year
Georgiacalendar year
Germanycalendar year
Ghanacalendar year
Gibraltar1 July – 30 June
Greececalendar year
Greenlandcalendar year
Grenadacalendar year
Guam1 October – 30 September
Guatemalacalendar year
Guernseycalendar year
Guineacalendar year
Guinea-Bissaucalendar year
Guyanacalendar year
Haiti1 October – 30 September
Holy See (Vatican City)calendar year
Hondurascalendar year
Hong Kong1 April – 31 March
Hungarycalendar year
Icelandcalendar year
India1 April – 31 March
Indonesiacalendar year
Iran21 March – 20 March
Iraqcalendar year
Irelandcalendar year
Isle of Man1 April – 31 March
Israelcalendar year
Italycalendar year
Jamaica1 April – 31 March
Japan1 April – 31 March
Jersey1 April – 31 March
Jordancalendar year
Kazakhstancalendar year
Kenya1 July – 30 June
Korea, Northcalendar year
Korea, Southcalendar year
Kuwait1 April – 31 March
Kyrgyzstancalendar year
Laos1 October – 30 September
Latviacalendar year
Lebanoncalendar year
Lesotho1 April – 31 March
Liberiacalendar year
Libyacalendar year
Liechtensteincalendar year
Lithuaniacalendar year
Luxembourgcalendar year
Macaucalendar year
Madagascarcalendar year
Malawi1 July – 30 June
Malaysiacalendar year
Maldivescalendar year
Malicalendar year
Maltacalendar year
Marshall Islands1 October – 30 September
Mauritaniacalendar year
Mauritius1 July – 30 June
Mexicocalendar year
Micronesia, Federated States of1 October – 30 September
Moldovacalendar year
Monacocalendar year
Mongoliacalendar year
Montenegrocalendar year
Montserrat1 April – 31 March
Moroccocalendar year
Mozambiquecalendar year
Namibia1 April – 31 March
Nauru1 July – 30 June
Nepal16 July – 15 July
Netherlandscalendar year
New Caledoniacalendar year
New Zealand1 April – 31 March

note: this is the fiscal year for tax purposes

Nicaraguacalendar year
Nigercalendar year
Nigeriacalendar year
Niue1 April – 31 March
Norfolk Island1 July – 30 June
North Macedoniacalendar year
Northern Mariana Islands1 October – 30 September
Norwaycalendar year
Omancalendar year
Pakistan1 July – 30 June
Palau1 October – 30 September
Panamacalendar year
Papua New Guineacalendar year
Paraguaycalendar year
Perucalendar year
Philippinescalendar year
Pitcairn Islands1 April – 31 March
Polandcalendar year
Portugalcalendar year
Puerto Rico1 July – 30 June
Qatar1 April – 31 March
Romaniacalendar year
Russiacalendar year
Rwandacalendar year
Saint Helena, Ascension, and Tristan da Cunha1 April – 31 March
Saint Kitts and Neviscalendar year
Saint Lucia1 April – 31 March
Saint Pierre and Miqueloncalendar year
Saint Vincent and the Grenadinescalendar year
SamoaJune 1 – May 31
San Marinocalendar year
Sao Tome and Principecalendar year
Saudi Arabiacalendar year
Senegalcalendar year
Seychellescalendar year
Sierra Leonecalendar year
Singapore1 April – 31 March
Slovakiacalendar year
Sloveniacalendar year
Solomon Islandscalendar year
South Africa1 April – 31 March
Spaincalendar year
Sri Lankacalendar year
Sudancalendar year
Surinamecalendar year
Swedencalendar year
Switzerlandcalendar year
Syriacalendar year
Taiwancalendar year
Tajikistancalendar year
Tanzania1 July – 30 June
Thailand1 October – 30 September
Timor-Lestecalendar year
Togocalendar year
Tokelau1 April – 31 March
Tonga1 July – 30 June
Trinidad and Tobago1 October – 30 September
Tunisiacalendar year
Turkeycalendar year
Turkmenistancalendar year
Turks and Caicos Islandscalendar year
Tuvalucalendar year
Uganda1 July – 30 June
Ukrainecalendar year
United Arab Emiratescalendar year
United Kingdom6 April – 5 April
United States1 October – 30 September
Uruguaycalendar year
Uzbekistancalendar year
Vanuatucalendar year
Venezuelacalendar year
Vietnamcalendar year
Virgin Islands1 October – 30 September
Wallis and Futunacalendar year
West Bankcalendar year
Western Saharacalendar year
Yemencalendar year
Zambiacalendar year
Zimbabwecalendar year



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